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Mini Melissa - SS19 - Possession Family

Family means belonging.

Our S/S '19 is for showing that all varieties of family are authentic and welcome.

Mar Sandal Snow Family

"Family" is about affinity, sentiment, sharing moments.

Is for showing kids that the word family can mean a lot of things – parents and grandparents, siblings, cousins or classmates, pets, and favorite superheroes. What matters is feeling free to be yourself.

Aranha Cosmic Sandal Jason Wu Family

Classics like Possession and Mel Vixen. are here to bring nostalgia for moms. Remembering childhood while helping create another one.

Possession Family
Melvixen Family
Zoo Family Zoo Family

Zoo is for little ones to explore similarities and differences.

Maggie Bear Family
Rainboot Family Rainboot Family Rainboot Family

For celebrating styles and color – in any weather –, Rain Boot and Mel Ulitsa.

Rainboot Family Ulitsasneaker Family
Furadinha Minnie Family Ultragirlx Family Flox Vivienne Westwood Family
Beach Slide Family

And for playing make believe with friends Maggie Bear and Beach Slide Sandal III

Beii Family Desertboot Baja East Family

We make history with those who surround us.

And our collabs say a lot about the bonds we've created with those who make us who we are.

Cosmic Sandal Jason Wu Family

Jason Wu

Tying up bows – and tight with us – is Cosmic Sandal + Jason Wu

Flox Rosa Vivienne Westwood Family

Vivienne Westwood

In VWA + Mini Melissa Flox, little feet can feel free and get some air

Ultragirl 101 Dalmatians Family


Making funny faces with our four legged friends, sporting Ultragirl + 101 Dalmations

Mar Sandal White Snow Family


Stepping into a princess world with Mar Sandal + Snow White

Cosmic Sandal Baja East Family

Baja East

Following in mommy's bold footsteps w/ Cosmic Sandal + Baja East

Flox Laco Vivienne Westwood Family

Vivienne Westwood

For some special memories, VWA + Mini Melissa Flox

Like a family portrait, our S/S '19 recognizes the power of affection that binds our most precious relationships.

The ones that will always be with us.

Retrato Family
Ultragirl Fly Family Rainboot Glitter Family Kazakova Family

Come along, and bring the kids to our "Family".

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